There are many reasons why people look to change their careers. It may be that you’re bored with your day-to-day routine, that you’ve lost your job or you’re looking to earn more money. Whatever your reason, our Gas Foundation Diploma could well mark the start of a new future for you. Our diploma prepares you to sit your ACS, which is your entry into a new life as a gas engineer. Employers regularly ask us to recommend our best newly qualified students and over the past 12 years we have seen hundreds coming up through the ranks.

These engineers are trained by the best to be the best.

Our level of knowledge and expertise in the gas industry is unsurpassed, with trainers having worked in domestic, commercial catering and commercial heating (industrial) for over 30 years.

We offer courses in:

• Domestic Gas and Appliances
• Commercial Heating and Appliances
• Catering Gas and Appliance

Our USPs

• Training in small groups (8pp max)
• Various payment options
• We keep in touch – with advice or making a brew!

Domestic Gas Foundation Diploma

Our Domestic Gas Foundation Diploma is designed specifically for candidates looking to enter the gas industry. Assessment is a combination of practical and theory exams, as well on the job training, to ensure successful completion of the required portfolio. On completion of the course, candidates are issued with a Gas Foundation certificate, which enables them to apply to undertake the relevant ACS assessments; the next step in the journey to become a gas engineer.

Commercial Heating and Appliances

It is commonly known that there is shortage of gas engineers, with businesses crying out for talented individuals to join their teams. We have a highly experienced team of gas trainers and assessors to provide guidance, support and assistance in realistic environments to help you embark on your journey to join the commercial gas industry. For anyone showing potential, we work alongside businesses willing to take on a mentoring role in your journey, which could well lead to gainful employment when qualified.

***NEW!*** Catering Gas and Appliance Diploma

We have heavily invested in a purpose-built catering training facility to promote opportunities within the ever-expanding hospitality market. Offered to anyone looking to enter the gas engineer catering field, our on-site training is coupled with work placements, where you will gather evidence for your portfolio. With vast contacts in the field, we can help generate work placements needed, which often lead to job opportunities with that company once your qualification is complete.