M65 Foundation Diploma in Domestic Gas

£4,900 (+VAT)

Our Domestic Gas Foundation Diploma is designed specifically for candidates looking to enter the gas industry as a domestic engineer working in houses.

On full completion of the course, you can then apply for jobs in the gas industry or even become Gas Safe Registered in your own right.


The domestic foundation diploma includes 8 weeks of in-house training at our training centre in Colne, Lancashire. The 9 weeks training are split into three blocks. In between each of these blocks, there is a three-week gap where you would aim to go out in the field and gain experience on the job with a Gas Safe engineer.

The training is 50/50 based both workshop (practical) and classroom (theory). The mornings are usually classroom based where you will learn all the relevant information and regulations to safely carry out gas work. In the afternoons you will get hands on with domestic gas installations and appliances putting the theory you’ve learnt into practice.

Portfolio BUILDINg

With the practical skills and newfound knowledge, you will need to gain industry experience. In your 3-week gaps, you will go out with an engineer(s) and build a gas portfolio carrying out gas work in a real-life environment alongside a qualified mentor(s).

All jobs should be recorded and photographed then documented into your portfolio. This will all be explained at our centre by your trainer. We usually advise candidates to source their own mentors local to where they are based, however we do work with a large network of engineers and can put you in touch with engineers if required.

Diploma Assessments

Once you’ve completed your training, you will be ready and equipped with the knowledge and skillset to start your diploma assessments in the assessment area of our training centre.

On successful completion, you will be issued with a Gas Foundation Diploma Certificate which then gives you access to sit the ACS exams provided your portfolio is also complete.


Upon completing your diploma assessments and portfolio, we will invite you back to the centre for your ACS Assessment where you’ll be assessed on the full domestic core and gas appliances.

Upon successful completion, you’ll be issued with an ACS certificate for the following ACS codes (CCN1, CENWAT, CKR1, HTR1) and will be eligible to enrol on the Gas Safe Register.

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